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Marry culture and sport for an event ?


"The game the Nantes way"? A cream pie or a Madeleine de Proust: it is served with all the dressings, or we mourn a past. Nevertheless. Appearance at the start of the FCNA, the collective game can now be considered as a banner of Nantes, first city in France, according to the ranking of the newspaper L'Equipe, in terms of high-level indoor sport.


Culture, built on eclectic, at the same time sharp and popular proposals is, for more than 20 years, a major element of the development policy of the city. It is constitutive to Nantes' dynamic image.


In the "lieu unique", the 1st edition of the International Open Squash of Nantes is born.

In the City of Congresses, in 2016 for its 2nd edition, the open asserts itself and integrates a feminine competition.

In the Naves, this year, it is a great opportunity to present this unpublished tournament. The 3rd edition will be the edition of the maturity with a show with parity of the women and men competitions.


The glass court, real glass cube, enters this year the stage of the Machines de l'Ile. For the 2017 edition, in an unpublished configuration, it allows to attend a singular show for approximately 600 spectators distributed on the 4 sides of the court.
From September 6th to 10th, the world squash leaders want to challenge the elephant!


Unique event in France, the 3rd European women's event, 7th men event, it is among the 20 most important in the world.
"The tournament is an example for the development of French squash. It also places our sport at its true social value: a sporting, shared and playful practice. »


By its originality, it becomes the banner tournament of the beginning of season of the international circuit.



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