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The Open International de squash de Nantes is an event organized by the Nantes Squash Sautron Association

THE ASSOciations' team

  • François Le Jort, tournament director
  • Gabriel Boulanger, competition manager
  • Christophe Bouin, president of the association
  • Mathieu Fort, club manager

  • Frédérique Le Jort, project manager
  • Natacha Godel, communication manager and players' referent
  • Antoine Garnier, volunteer manager
  • Christophe Dekimpe, budget manager
  • Alice Yvard, public reception
  • Arnaud Angeloticket manager
  • Mickaël Folliot, web editor
  • Jérôme Folliot, streaming
  • Romain Suire, speaker


The organizing team would like to thank all the members of the association, the office and, in particular, the many volunteers, for their support, their help and their encouragement.

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