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Discover Nantes


A sensitive and poetic journey


From the lieu unique at the western end of the Island of Nantes, Le Voyage à Nantes invites you to be guided all year round by a work of art that emerges at the turn of a street to a remarkable element of our heritage, from the "must-see" of the destination to unknown treasures, from a historic alley to a contemporary architecture, from an astonishing view of the city to an incredible sunset over the estuary.


Led by Jean Blaise, the Local Public Company Le Voyage in Nantes, is responsible for promoting the cultural facilities set up by Nantes, and more generally the destination Nantes Métropole. To this end, and what makes it exemplary, the structure also produces every summer an event that stages this device via an urban journey enriched with proposals of works of art, temporary or definitive, in the urban space.

A city to play

Artists and architects are invited to work on the development of unusual playgrounds.


The specifications are simple: realize a "sports field" whose practice is to be invented, where diversions are desired, desired hybridizations and delusions required. Open to all, from 7 to 77, they engage the body in the heart of the city in a spirit freed from the constraints of competition!


These "playgrounds" are to be discovered in free access in different places of the city.

Le Voyage à Nantes

Block architectes, Mont Royal(e), Place Royale - Nantes, Playgrounds,                             a/LTA, L’Arbre à basket, Parc des Chantiers, Nantes // © Martin Argyroglo/LVAN


To find out all about the destination, book accommodation, buy a Pass Nantes or ask for information about the International Open Squash of Nantes.

Nantes tourisme

Barré – Lambot, Feydball, Carré Feydeau, Nantes // © Franck Tomps / LVAN


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