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2016 Review

2nd edition: The City of Congresses September 5th to 11th 2016

Women "enter the dance": 1st women's open

This 2nd edition transformed the 2015 test :

  • by, again, the public success : 3 700 spectators over 5 days.
    by the renewed curiosity of many neophytes.
  • by the level of the competition, on eight M25 in 2016 in the world, the International Open Squash of Nantes is the highest.
  • By affirming its identity to marry sport & culture in an international competition. To rap the tournament, 4 paintings staged by Aurélien Lafargue: avant-garde digital scenography, mixing video, light and sound creation. A sensitive and original artwork.
  • by the level of the competition and the unanimous adhesion of the players from the 5 continents : "Amazing", "Insane", "Incredible", "Awsome", were the comments of some players and observers on the Social networks; In reference to the quality of the organization but also to the enthusiastic public of the City of Congresses.
  • And by putting our singular event on the international circuit into orbit. A worldwide broadcast of the event on Eurosport Player and Squash TV. By now, more than 600,000 views on Facebook and more than 300,000 on YouTube.


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