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The guest artists

Like last year, artists take part in the game. The poster artist Michel Bouvet recidivates, Sherkan signs a sensitive and creative teaser. DJ ONE UP and JEAN DU VOYAGE join forces to rap the tournament in a sound battle. As for Razy and Nabil, they enter the sports floor.
The artistic program was realized in collaboration with Stereolux ... Transfigure sport and stage the competition ...


Important but discreet representative of the French hip hop culture abroad, he participates in numerous national and international events behind his turntables with his energetic and original selections. He is a member of the association "From Scratch" based in Nantes with which he develops numerous collaborations and musical projects.


Originally from La Rochelle, Jean du Voyage is a turntablist and beat maker, a passionate musician who has been bringing his records and vinyl records to the clubs round the world since 1998. He is an eclectic sonority researcher who is actively interested in different cultures. This helps him to refine his sensitivity to the rhythms and respiration of our planet; they inspire and influence his music. The productions are mastered, precise and reflect his insatiable curiosity.


A member of Freemindz and the crew Nantais KLP, he has no less than 4 titles of world champion to his credit. An excellent dancer in the breakdance discipline, he is recognized internationally for his unlimited creativity.


A dancer from Bordeaux who is recognized internationally for his technical qualities and mastery, he participates and judges numerous events in the four corners of the world in the discipline of breakdance. He is a member of two collectives: La Smala & Arabiq Flavor.


Sherkan is a duet of Nantes filmmakers: Sarah Bellanger & Lauréline Baron. "We write, realize and post-produce all our projects. If the clip is our first field of experiments, we also like to explore new forms of narration!" "The story is the game between these universes (sport, music and dance) which meet, the confrontation between them. The music is inspired by Hip Hop and gives the impulse to the movement. There is in a squash match like in a hip hop battle, a notion of duel that we wanted to put forward in the staging of the teaser".

Michel Bouvet, poster designer


Michel Bouvet has a diploma from the National Fine Arts Academy of Paris (in painting), he turned very early to the poster and the graphics. His poster designer's activity, he exercises it essentially in the cultural domain (theater, opera, music, dance, museums, festivals) and in the institutional domain (local authorities, public institutions).

He has made more than 70 personal exhibitions of cultural posters in around thirty countries worldwide. He received numerous rewards in most of the big international biennial events of posters where, on the other hand, he was invited to sit, repeatedly, as member of the jury. In France, the Grand Prix of the cultural Poster was awarded to him by the National Librairy of France in 1987 and in 1992.

He designs and also realizes books and, associated with other graphic designers, with numerous visual identities for public institutions as well as descriptive systems for museums and temporary exhibitions in France and abroad. He is a member of the International Graphic Alliance since 1997. He is a professor for the ESAG / Penninghen School and also leads workshops on poster in France and abroad. He is commissioner of numerous exhibitions for the Month of the Graphics in Echirolles and general commissioner of the Graphics’ Event in Paris.

The squash tournament at the Naves is an opportunity for Michel Bouvet to reconnect with the sports poster. As a sports fan as well as art and culture, he leaned gluttonously on the question of the graphic representation of squash.

GO SEGAWA, sculptor of the open trophy

The Gaïa Gallery, partner of the Open, invited Go Segawa to create the Open trophy.

Go Segawa develops a singular work on the border between painting and sculpture, playing on the dimensions of perception while combining real space and virtual space. His sculptures evoke computer-generated images. He creates works in which it is possible to perceive three different elements from the conceptual point of view: the two dimensions, the three dimensions and gravity. By merging these three data, the artist disturbs the perception of space.

He arrived in France in 1996, after studying plastic arts at the University of Tokyo (Western painting section). He joined the Ecole Supérieure d'Art & Design in Reims (ESAD) and then, in 1999, the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Rennes. He moved away from a Japanese teaching that he considered too academic, in search of volumes, colors, and balance. In the course of his research, he finds himself confronted with a question that will become the backbone of his future artistic production: How to pass the drawing in volume ?


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