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5 questions to Nicolas Mueller

We asked 5 questions to 
Nicolas Mueller (SUI) 
- N°4 Seed et world N°32 :

1. Nicolas, you had unfortunately to withdraw a few days before the start of the competition last year. This time, everything is looming well, we should see you on the glass court under the naves this year. Tell us a little bit, what happened last year ?

I had a very good summer preparation last year, but unfortunately 2 weeks before the event I pulled a muscle in my adductor which didn't heal in time to be able to play last years event.

2. Has your preparation been successfully these last months ? How do you feel at the approach of the first tournament of the season ?

It was quite a long preparation this year, had basically 2,5 months time. Did a lot of new stuff, like cycling and track and field things. I'm feeling very fit snd hopefully Nantes will be a good start to my new season.

3. You are a very tall player : 1m88 ! You are, almost, the tallest of the competition (behind the English giant Declan James : 1m95). Do you often exploit it in your game ? Do you think this gives you a real advantage against some opponents ?

There are Pros and Cons. On one hand you have bigger reach and need less steps, but on the other you have to carry extra weight and twisting and turning might be a bit more challenging. In all I think being tall definitely helps.


4. With Grégoire Marche (double title holder), you have both played in the same team in Valence in France for many years. How long have you known each other ? Have you ever trained regularly together ?

I've known Greg since we were 11 (!!). Thats when we first played each other. dont think he has good memories about that match :)

We re really good friends, been playing in the same team for like 10 years and there were even times when we had a couple of training weeks with his former coach (Cédric Hateau).


5. You finished your season with two great performances on the world tour : the Grasshopper Cup where you reached the quarterfinals by narrowly missing (in 5 games) against the current world N°3 : Mohamed El Shorbagy, then you left the qualifications of the M100 Bellevue Classic (in the USA) winning César Salazar (Mexican, in the top 20) in the final. This should surely build you confidence at the approach of this 1st tournament of the season. To win the tournament in Nantes must certainly be an envisageable goal ?

Yeah I wished the season had continued a bit longer I was playing my best squash at the end. hopefully I can take that positive way of play with me to the new season. The tournament in Nantes is quite open, there are many guys who are capable of winning it. Hopefully I can play my role in it as well ...

Publié le lundi 28 août 2017


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