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5 questions to Nele Gilis

We asked 5 questions to 
Nele Gilis (BEL) 
- N°4 Seed et world N°35 :

1. Nele, this is the very first time you come to Nantes. At the same time, there is some tournaments in China, why did you choose Nantes this year ?

One of the reasons I chose to play Nantes is because it's played on a beautiful all glasscourt, I thought it was a great opportunity and chance for me to get more experience on it so close to home !

2. You are 2 sisters on the world tour, Tinne and you. A few years apart, you have achieved the same course in junior. Tinne will also participate in the qualification draw of the Nantes Open this year. Do you share a lot of things in your lives ? Sometimes, do you train together ?

My sister lives in Belgium and I live in the Netherlands so we don't get to train together a lot, but we're close and when we play the same tournament together we will travel together, stay together and of course train together :) it's nice to have the sister at tournaments, someone that will cheer for you no matter what!

3. You are seeded number 4. You play Hana Moataz, a young Egyptian, in the first round of the main draw. What will be your goal for this first tournament of the season ?

I'm really excited to start with the season, my goal for this tournament is just to play the best squash that I possibly can and hopefully my summer training prepared me well :)


4. What is the typical training day of Nele Gilis ?

A typical day for me... I train 2 or 3 times a day, 6 days a week. And in between I make food, eat and sleep. And if I'm lucky and the sun is out I love to spend some time in the sun in between sessions haha :)


5. If I'm not mistaken, you share your life with Paul Coll (note : New Zealander and world number 13, in great form on the PSA world tour at the moment). Is Paul able to support you in spite of your both professional constraints on the world tour ? By chance, will it be with you, in Nantes in early September ?

Paul won't be with me in Nantes because he's playing the tournament in China. We do get to travel to tournament together a lot, for example all the World Series events :) it's working out perfectly for us and it's great to have someone there with you all the time !

Publié le dimanche 27 août 2017


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