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5 questions to Millie Tomlinson

We asked 5 questions to 
Millie Tomlinson (ENG) 
- N°1 Seed et world N°23 :

1. Millie, that will be the first time you come to Nantes. There are quite a few PSA tournaments in France. Have you ever participated or even won a competition in France ?

Yes, this is my first time in Nantes. I have played in France many time and always enjoyed the experience. I have never won a tournament here though !

2. You're English and I think you studied abroad. Do you continued squash during this period ? Is it possible to tell us a little bit more ?

I studied at Yale university in America, where I trained a lot and studied political science.

3. Your top half of the draw includes many young talents : All the Egyptian junior team, recently world junior champion, not forgetting the young French Wildcard, in the 1st round : Juile Rossignol. Would not all these young talents risk making your tournament more tougher ?

It's a very strong draw, so every round will be tough. It should be a great event for the spectators.


4. If you win your 1st round, the rest of your matches will take place on the glass court. The women's competition is only a modest $15,000, playing on a glass court is rather rare. How do you feel the game ? Is there a big difference, for you, with "classic" courts ?

The glass courts tend to be a little faster, it's harder to see and volley the ball, and they reward good shots because they are more dead in the corners. It's always fun playing on a glass court, and hopefully the atmosphere will be great. 


5. The start of the competition is getting closer. At a few hours of an important match, for you, what are the good habits to have before a match ?

I do my usual warm up, speak to friends, then 10min before the match I like to have some time alone to focus. 

Publié le samedi 2 septembre 2017


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