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5 questions to Mazen Hesham

We asked 5 questions to Mazen Hesham
- N°3 Seed et world N°30 (PR) :

1. Mazen, that will be the very first time you will participate in the Open International de squash de Nantes. Why did you decide to come to this 3rd edition ?

Well I have heard a few good things about the tournament last year and watched a little bit on squashtv. saw a great crowd watching and support ting the players which gives the tournament a special I haven't been to France since I was 12. So thought it would be a good opportunity to play a nice tournament there and enjoy France on the other hand.

2. You had a very difficult 2016 year with a hip injury that prevented you from continuing many tournaments for quite a while. You make your "come back" to Nantes, do you think you will be at your best level ?

I'm still struggling a little bit after the injury sometimes I feel I'm in great shape and some other days I feel like I'm still far from my form. I think it's kind of mental thing which happens to everyone who comes back from a major injury. But I'm hoping that I will be at my best level next season and Nantes is the start of it so I will try my best to get in the best shape for tournament.

3. You are seeded N°3. Grégoire Marche and Mathieu Castagnet are the two big favorites of the competition. They are both French, the public will be definitely behind them. Do you think you are able to afford to make the difference despite the influence of the public ?

To be honest that the last thing I'm thinking about while entering in a tournament. I don't know about that but I always think that I'm able to do anything ;) so will see.


4. Do you often encounter this kind of situation on the world tour ?

No, I rarely face those situations in tournaments. 


5. What are the professional goals you set in squash ?

I have always dreamt of becoming the world champion and the world number 1 before I retire. So will see how far I can go.

Publié le mercredi 30 août 2017


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