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5 questions to Hana Ramadan

We asked 5 questions to Hana Ramadan (EGY) - Winner of the Open International de Squash de Nantes 2016 :

1. Hana, you won the very first women's edition of the Open International de Squash de Nantes. You will be back in Nantes to defend your title. What did you think about the Nantes' atmosphere?

I Fell in love with Nantes. It is such a beautiful and artistic city. Above that the tournament was really well set out and had a lovely loud audience. I'm really excited to come back especially to the all glass court and try to defend my title

2. The prize money increased to $15,000. The main draw will be stronger, you will probably not be among the great favorites ? What will be your goal this year ? 

It's great to see that the prize money increased. It shows how Squash is getting bigger and bigger. Playing in a stronger draw will definitely be tougher but I love a challenge and have been training hard in preparation for this tournament. I'd love to defend my title but I'll take each match one at a time and focus on playing as well as I can.

3. Nowadays, Egypt dominates squash more and more. What makes you so strong ? What is different in Egypt to train young players like you at such this high level ?

I feel like at a very young age Egyptians are exposed to a very high level of squash. Having so many great talents to look up to there are higher chances of developing really strong players.


4. Do you spend all your time in your professional squash career ? Or do you do other things outside (study, work ...) ?

Although the main focus for me is playing squash, I am also studying physiotherapy at the University of Nottingham. I'm very passionate about it and would love to practice as a physiotherapist after university while playing on the PSA tour. Until I finish my further education I can't do as much as the full time professional but I can do the quality of a full time pro ! it's all about finding the perfect balance. 

5. Beyond your coming in Nantes, what will be your goals this season on the world tour ? And in the future ?

I am aiming to get into the world's top 20, but my coach says he wants more. It's important for me to take one tournament at a time, and a big result in Nantes could be a great springboard for my ranking.

Publié le mardi 27 juin 2017


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