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5 questions to Chris Simpson

We asked 5 questions to Chris Simpson (ENG) - N°5 seed et world N°38 :

1. Chris, that will be the 2nd time you come to participate in the Open International de squash de Nantes. You were present last year, in the second edition. The glass court was at La Cité. What do you remember about this edition ?

The tournament last year completely exceeded my expectations. It was a 25k tournament, but with the venue and crowds it felt like it was a super series. I thought the venue was brilliant for squash, but I have been told that this years venue is even better ! 

2. You're coming back from a hip injury that blocked you last season. How do you feel for this new coming season ?

I feel excited to start playing again. I have had 6 months completely off court, and I know that getting back to my level will take time. But the break has reenergised me and shown me how much I love the sport.

3. Last year, you failed unfortunately in the final against Grégoire Marche. Seeing the draw, you should meet in the quarter-finals, if everything looks good for you both in the 1st round. You did not replayed against each other since this final on the world tour. That will have a look of revenge. How do you think to approach this match ?

 Having had the time off, my full focus is on the first round. The qualifying draw is strong and no matches are easy on tour. 


4. You are a native of the island of Guernsey, tell us a little bit about your young career. What made you become one of the best squash player in the world having started on this beautiful and small island in the English Channel ?

I started playing squash at the local leisure centre when I was eight and I loved it straight away. There is just one squash club on the island, but there is a rich history of squash success and a thriving squash community. By 14 I was the best player on the island, so at 16 I moved to England to a boarding school in Brighton to pursue squash more seriously.


5. You have reached the world top 20 in 2014. You are 30 years old ... What are your future goals for the coming years ?

I also got back to the top 20 again in January this year, straight before my injury. I feel like I was playing the best of my career when I got injured, so if my body is ok I believe I can get my ranking further.

Publié le samedi 26 août 2017


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